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Historical. This page is historical. From 2005 til some time in 2008, mfbot helped out the microformats community by reporting changes to wiki to the #microformats #microformats chat channel.

That role has been taken over (as of 2011-043) by Loqi, an IRC bot maintained by Aaron Parecki.

If you have any questions/issue about Loqi, please see one of the microformats admins, preferably on #microformats chat. - Tantek

about mfbot

Ryan King created a simple little #microformats chat bot to publish changes from this wiki to #microformats. The code is available on github.


  • As of late 2008 / early 2009 mfbot was no longer rejoining IRC.
  • updated to handle Wiki 2.0 changes.
  • shows up frequently in the #microformats #microformats chat channel.
  • has a bug that sometimes causes it to leave the channel, in which case it will eventually restart itself and rejoin.

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